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AVA Routines

Wake up on the right side of the bed every morning. A successful day begins with a great morning routine, and ends with setting yourself up for a good night’s sleep. AVA Routines is a routine building app that makes it easy to create + maintain healthy morning/evening habits. We realize everyday is different. Some days you have 5 minutes to get out the door, other days you have 50. This app adapts to the timing of your day to encourage you to never loose your routines, no matter how much time you have.

AVA Actions

AVA Actions is a mobile game that helps you follow through on your goals. The game is a framework to help build healthy planning + reviewing habits that ultimately lead to accomplishing goals. Users build these keystone habits successfully by engaging in the game. The system combines a physical daily planner with an iOS app.

AVA Reflection

Although most agree on the importance of pausing to reflect, few people actually do…let alone on a daily basis. While writing deep, detailed diary entires has its advantages, we believe that completing a simple five-minute review at the end of your day can provide the spark needed to create a burst of positive change in your life. AVA Reflection combines a 5-min reflection journal with an app to keep you in the habit of completing an evening reflection. 

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